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Our future is unpredictable because there are so many variables. It would be easy if life was an extremely hard question like the ones we solve in school. But in a textbook question, no matter how hard it may be, there are fixed number of variables, our knowns are defined, and what we must solve for is clearly stated. In life, there are unforeseen variables, our knowns are subjected to change or disappear, and what we are solving for is not clear.

When I was younger, I thought if I thought about something long enough or planned it out accounting as many variables as I could possibly think of, I would be able to somehow determine my future or at least get close to it. I mean, planning is necessary in order to execute something but my excessive planning resulted unnecessary worries which I used to limit my possibilities and narrow my view. For example, there was a period in life where I tried predicting my abilities. I thought I was a person with x amount of intelligence and y amount of motivation. Basically, I told myself I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to strive for certain things and gave myself a whole bunch of excuses to not, rather than to try.

Pre-determining what I am capable of was probably the most foolish thing I ever did, but I don’t regret it because through this mistake, I learned a valuable lesson that’ll probably stick with me for the rest of my life: that you should ever limit yourself from achieving certain things in life, who knows, you might end up surprising your self.





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