Positive Mind Setting and Self Love

I’ve been experimenting with mind-setting these days. I’ve recently come to the realization that I have been propelling my self forward with negativity and self hate. I would always always talk my self with hateful words especially when I wasn’t able to meet my own expectations I had for my self. Saying things like, “you are so stupid and incompetent” or ” you aren’t good enough, you never will be” or  “you are such a failure to your self, your family, and everyone around you”. Writing those phrases down really digs in to my heart and saddens me because I wish I listened to what I was saying to myself earlier and stopped myself sooner. but I’m also glad I have this opportunity to really change.

The steps I have taken for positive growth are:

  1. expanding my love for art (sketching and painting) – thinking back to my childhood, I used love to draw and I did draw a lot… until my family went bankrupt. From here, my childhood wasn’t an ideal one for a child. My life got real and serious very fast. I thought hobbies were a waste of time. I thought my life will be okay if I just studied really hard and get good marks which will eventually get me a job so I could support my self and the people I cared about.  Obviously, life isn’t that simple and good grades only gets you barely anywhere (or even nowhere depending on the life route you want to take). But this is I thought I had to do inorder to put my life in order.
  2. morning stretches – I used to study alot, and I mean alot… bad study posture combined with minor schrolosis continued for 3-4 years due to ignorance resulted in wrecking my posture and helped my bad posture set in stone. I had neck pain and, although very rarely, woke up in the middle of the night because of discomfort in my neck… I went to chiropractor which there I was diagnosed with schrolisis. after my chiro sessions ended I started with attending yoga classes. Chiro sessions are extremely, extremely expensive and yoga was although cheaper than chiro, was still expensive and were are very time-consuming, and as a student, I have neither time or money. Now I watch stretching tutorials on youtube. at first, I primarily focused on stretching exercises for correcting neck posture but now I do over-all body stretching on top of that if I have time. I like to experiment different tutorials from various youtube channels. whether I am following a tutorial I have done before or whether I am following a new tutortial, I find both to be very entertaining.
  3. Probiotics and digestive enzymes
  4. Cleaning my room
  5. volunteering as a pianist for my church- devoting my time and energy in to an organization that appreciates my efforts are very satisfying.



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Our future is unpredictable because there are so many variables. It would be easy if life was an extremely hard question like the ones we solve in school. But in a textbook question, no matter how hard it may be, there are fixed number of variables, our knowns are defined, and what we must solve for is clearly stated. In life, there are unforeseen variables, our knowns are subjected to change or disappear, and what we are solving for is not clear.

When I was younger, I thought if I thought about something long enough or planned it out accounting as many variables as I could possibly think of, I would be able to somehow determine my future or at least get close to it. I mean, planning is necessary in order to execute something but my excessive planning resulted unnecessary worries which I used to limit my possibilities and narrow my view. For example, there was a period in life where I tried predicting my abilities. I thought I was a person with x amount of intelligence and y amount of motivation. Basically, I told myself I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to strive for certain things and gave myself a whole bunch of excuses to not, rather than to try.

Pre-determining what I am capable of was probably the most foolish thing I ever did, but I don’t regret it because through this mistake, I learned a valuable lesson that’ll probably stick with me for the rest of my life: that you should ever limit yourself from achieving certain things in life, who knows, you might end up surprising your self.





Introducing the Mind of an Average Person

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It seems to me that our world focuses on minds of extraordinary people and their brilliant success. It’s really inspiring… right? Yes it certainly inspires me, but at the same time it discourages me. When I see all success stories around me I always compare their life with mine. The gap between our lives seem so big it instigates a scary thought that I will never be nearly as successful as the people around me. This scary thought consumes, overwhelms, and immobilizes me.

This is obviously not very healthy for my mental health so as an experiment, why not explore the mind of an average person? So.. what I mean by the “average person” is that he or she will have average jobs with average salary with average friends doing average things; we won’t be the next Steve Jobs. The truth is, the majority of us are average and stay average, and frankly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

(In case there is some misunderstanding, I would like to clarify that being average and being lazy or unmotivated are completely different things in my humble opinion. I will probably write another post on this topic entirely in the future.)

So, let me start by introducing myself and what I wish to write in my blog. My name is Minji, I am Korean-Canadian, I study mechanical engineering at the University of Ottawa, and I really believe I am the definition of average.  I also believe I am still very young both physically and mentally which makes me ignorant in many things about the world.

I would like to use the fact that I am average and ignorant to my advantage and write a blog where I can talk about my experiences, dilemmas, questions, and thoughts about the topics  such as self-identity, self-awareness, social and cultural values, human relations and many other small things such as deciding where the optimal location  for writing the date on a piece of paper would be (just joking, but not really). I also wish to explore what makes the average person unique which is why I have chosen my blog to be called “commonunique”.

My ultimate goal is for my blog to be able to inspire people in a different way than the conventional; by showing that the world is filled with people who are average just like you and me (sorry, maybe not “you”, don’t take it personally) and that you do not measure your worth by comparing your self to model citizens of society who really are only a fraction of a fraction of the entire population (I clearly do not have statistics on this).

I wish for my blog to radiate happiness but also sadness, optimism but also pessimism. Hopefully with the two opposites together it will be able to console but also motivate the average person to reach their maximum potential in whatever they do in their life.